Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement

While we may be individually strong...
We are collectively powerful

Rakhi Voria

Who we are — Our mission

Our mission

The main mission of UAWLE is to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and men in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Our values:

  • openness – Membership in UAWLE is open to both women and men who are representatives of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, regardless of special rank.
  • responsibility – decision-making sensitivity, awareness of responsibility for their actions in relation to all members of UAWLE, partners in work.
  • devotion – interest in solving problems, commitment to the idea, readiness to contribute to the achievement of a gender balance in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Main strategic directions of activity:

  • a favorable environment for women and men in law enforcement
  • leadership and professional development and career development of women in law enforcement
  • mentoring in law enforcement agencies

The UAWLE’s overall support to its missions is provided by the PTAP Project, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada (GAC) through the Peace and Stabilization Program (PSOP).

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