Ukrainian Association of Women in Law Enforcement

While we may be individually strong...
We are collectively powerful

Rakhi Voria

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Membership in the Association is open to women and men who are representatives of law enforcement agencies, regardless of rank and position. Members of the Association pay an entrance fee and an annual contribution of 0.1 minimum wage at the time of payment of the contribution. The entrance fee must be paid within five working days after receipt of the notice of admission to the membership of the UAWLE. Annual membership fees are paid by March 1 of this year.

Types of membership in UAWLE

For more information, see the Membership Agreement

Valid membership

For current law enforcement officers with a special rank

Associate Membership

For those who are actively involved in the activities of the Association and / or are involved in the reform of law enforcement bodies

Honorary Membership

for families of law enforcement officers and persons who have special merits before the State / Association.

Advantages of participation in the Association

  • possibility to participate in trainings, seminars and other types of training programs aimed at professional development and personal development, participation in international conferences, events and exercises
  • exchange of experience with colleagues at the national and international levels, in particular with representatives of the International Women’s Police Association
  • the opportunity to have his own mentor who will assist in professional and personal development, or himself / herself / mentor /
  • legal and psychological support in crisis situations

How to become a member of UAWLE

  • Be sure to read the Statute and the Membership Organization.
  • Fill in the form
  • Download the application for UIAPO, fill out by hand and send a scanned or photographed copy to
  • Upon receipt of the confirmation from the UIAPA about acceptance into the Association, to pay the introductory and annual contributions (total amount 384.20 UAH) to the account.
  • Send mail UAPPO photo confirmation of payment.
  • Get a UADO member’s identity card – either personally or by post.
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