"Educational Marathon", as a part of the global campaign #16DaysOfActivism

During the initiative, representatives of state and international institutions delivered a series of thematic lectures, emphasizing the necessity of violence prevention, respect for human rights, and anti-discrimination. The speakers drew attention to the specifics of law enforcement agency activities during the full-scale invasion.

"This year, we decided to hold a series of lectures for recruits and students of at least ten higher education institutions of the MOIA. When they graduate from these educational institutions, they will have a critical responsibility to defend the law and justice in Ukraine. Therefore, they need to understand not only how to counteract all types of violence, but also the direction in which the human rights protection system is moving in Ukraine," claimed Kateryna Pavlichenko, Deputy Minister of MOIA and UAWLE Chair of the Board.

Live videos of each event are now available on the UAWLE Facebook page.